Service Details

  • Offerings
    • Our trained and knowledgable hygiene experts find the hiding spots of the bedbugs
    • Injection of mild odour spray to get rid of bed bugs followed by next service after 15 days.
  • Visits
    • 1st Service: Day 1
    • 2nd Service: Day 16
    • Manpower: 1
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Complaint Service is free of cost.
    • Service needs to be taken within 30 days of scheduled date
  • Safety Precautions
    • 3-Level Covid Suraksha Kavach
    • Chemical is safe for kids, elderly people & pets

Hire Best Mosquito Pest Control in Kolkata

Mosquitoes are small flies belonging to the Culicidae family with a lifespan of nearly 60 days. Mosquitoes carry deadly diseases ranging from malaria and dengue to chikungunya. Furthermore, thousands of people die every year due to the lack of proper mosquito control services.

The mosquito management team of Pestagone ensures the safety of the kids and family members by preventing mosquito infestation.

What is included in the mosquito prevention and control services offered by Pestagone?

Keeping mosquitoes away forever is impossible and not a one-time event. The detailed and step-by-step strategy of Pestagone is effective for mosquito breeding prevention.

The mosquito eradication services that are provided by Pestagone include the following:

  • The method of aerial spraying for mosquito prevention
  • Thermal-fogging-based method for controlling mosquitoes
  • Misting-based method to keep mosquitoes out of the yard
  • Larvicide-based method for integrated mosquito management

Furthermore, at Pestagone we also provide practical advice to our Clients for the prevention and control of flies and mosquitoes. we provides best mosquito control services in Kolkata.

How can Pestagone assist you in mosquito abatement?

Mosquito management is a never-ending and tedious task which have to be done tactfully.Pestagone’s experienced and diligent mosquito pest control service specialists would assist you in mosquito management which is quite tedious. Furthermore, the mosquito management team strives to provide long-lasting and sustainable solutions for mosquito infestation.